Beautiful, artful, memorials created 

from your loved one's cremation ashes.

We honestly believe our departed loved ones will remain closer to our hearts if we use their cremation ashes to create a memorial.

We understand the difficulty in finding just the right objects to memorialize your loved one.  Most existing memorials don’t offer you daily comfort in uniquely remembering your loved one. 

We’ve developed a unique process that transforms cremains into a decorative artworks like our flagship product, the Eternal Cross below, that can be displayed in your home, office, garden, patio, or any other special area. Your memorial will keep your loved one much closer to you then if you bury, scatter, or leave the ashes in an urn.  Regardless of your loved one's wishes, you can still have a memorial made for you with a small portion of their ashes.

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military memorial
Police memorial

Armed Forces Memorials 

Honor your hero with a memorial constructed using their cremation ashes.  We have several branches of Military, Police and Fire to choose from.

This beautiful cross, called the "Eternal Cross" is constructed for you using your loved one's cremated remains.

Share Your Loved One...

At Windsong Memorials we understand that most dearly departed are survived by more than one person. Because of this fact, we make it possible to share your loved one’s Eternal Cross with virtually all surviving family members.  Each cross can be shipped directly to you or to multiple locations throughout the world.

Additionally, our process doesn't require that all cremains are used in the Eternal Crosses.  You will still have enough to use in urns, special burials, scattering, or other purposes.

Hand Crafted with Care

Each memorial is hand-made by a skilled artist who exercises great care in the handling of your loved ones cremains during the creation process. The total time needed to create your cross is approximately fourteen days from receipt of the cremains. Additional time may be needed for multiple crosses and shipping.

Heart memorial, heart shaped memorial, pet memorial, cremation memorial, funeral memorial

Heart Shaped Memorial with place-holder for picture.  Can be painted with name of departed loved one or pet's name.


Pet Memorials

Remember your family pet by creating a Pet Memorial in their image.   Select a memorial from our gallery, or contact us for custom orders.

cat memorial, pet memorial, cremation ash memorial
dog memorial, pet memorial, cremation ash memorial

cremation memorial, pet memorial, pet urns, funeral urns

cremation memorial, pet memorial, pet urns, funeral urns