About Us

Windsong Memorials is dedicated to creating family heirlooms for you by using cremation remains (called cremains in the funeral industry) to construct products that serve as memorials for your departed loved ones.  Using cremains to create memorial artwork in the shape of a cross occurred to our company Co-Founder, Alex Lynch many years ago.

When Alex's father passed away in July 2008, his mother opted for cremation.  For months and months, she sat looking at the black, plastic box of ashes not knowing what to do with them.  She didn’t want to bury or scatter them. She was married to her husband for over 53 years and took great comfort in having him near.  The thought of a commercialized urn sitting on the shelf was a little disconcerting so Alex offered to help. Multiple test cases and experiments later, engineering the cross, named the "Eternal Cross" was complete.

When presented with the cross, his mother cried with joy.  Today, her Eternal Cross hangs proudly above her bed. Every time she sees it, she feels as though her husband, Alex's father, is still with her.  Shortly after giving it to his mother, his sister visited from out of state.  Upon seeing and learning of the Eternal Cross, she immediately wanted one of her own.

As news of Alex's innovation was carried forward by family and colleagues, and through social networking tools, requests for the Eternal Cross increased.

Each Eternal Cross is hand-made right here in the USA, with diligent care and deep respect.  Additionally, because we engrave the person's name, date of birth, and death, the memorials will become antiques over time, hence increasing their value on a personal and collector level.  In fact, part of the intended purpose is that the crosses become family heirlooms that look like artwork versus a typical urn, which tends to make people a little uncomfortable discussing.

After introducing the Eternal Cross, Alex was asked by a funeral director to make something from her dog's cremation ashes.  With a little more research and a few more trials, he presented a memorial to her, similar to a stepping stone but with the embedded face of a Cocker Spaniel. She is thrilled with her specialized memorial.

Windsong Memorials now offers custom memorials for Law Enforcement, Fireman, Armed Forces, and pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and horses.

Sample of an unpainted pet memorial made at Windsong Memorials.

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State of Rhode Island:  BC-000539