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June 2010 - Having this beautiful cross displayed in my home has brought comfort to me and my family.   It's one  thing to have your loved one's cremains in a box on a shelf somewhere, but to be able to see, touch, and yes, sometimes talk to my mother brings such comfort and peace to my soul.   When times are tough, it's wonderful to look up at the wall and reconnect with my mom.  It's much more intimate than staring at a box on a shelf or going to a cemetery and looking at a stone marker.   

Every day when I come home from work, I usually sit on the couch and watch a little TV to relax and unwind from the day.  Now as I sit, I look up and see my mother's cross.  It puts me in another state of mind.  I silently speak to her of my worries and concerns.  I can sit and ponder "how would ma handle this".   When family members visit, they too  touch the cross with kissed fingers.   It comforts them too! 
What a wonderful creation you have made Alex!  I hope more people consider this alternative when choosing ways to honor the cremains of their loved ones.

- Mary, Providence, RI


When my mother passed away a few years ago, my aunt had asked for some of her sister's remains.  I searched for something that I felt would be appropriate, but nothing seemed quite right.  When my sister-in-law told me about the Eternal Cross that a friend was creating, I thought, 'This would be perfect'.  Although my mother was not a religious person, my aunt felt the cross was wonderful.  She now displays it in her living room and always has her sister close to heart.  What a thoughtful way to share the memories of a loved one.

- Susan, Attleboro, MA


I'm only too happy to tell anyone how happy we are with the memorial you made with our  pet Chihuahua, Glori's  ashes. The memorial provides a great means to keep her memory alive.
We have a neighbor who is an artist and we asked him if he would paint the memorial with Glori's colors. When he gets it done I'll be sure to send you a picture.

Thank you for a great memorial.

- Don,  Fitchburg, MA

cremation ash memorial, pet memorial, chihuahua memorial, dog memorial

Glori before painting

cremation ash memorial, pet memorial, chihuahua memorial, dog memorial

Glori after painting


I got Artie back in the mail today.  Thanks so much!  The plaque looks great.  I hung it on my back porch right over the spot where he used to hang out all day.

I wish you continued success with your business. 

- Polly, San Jose, CA


Hi, Alex,
Received the cross yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. I will treasure it always, and thank you so much for adding a special dimension to my memories of my dear husband. May God bless you in your venture.

- Jeanne, Austin, TX


"Alex....you did a beautiful job on the crosses you made of my daughters ashes! Kim loves hers as much as I love mine. We both will cherish them forever. Thank you so much for giving us something to hang on to that we can look at and enjoy every day!" 

- Paula, Port Saint Lucie, FL

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